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.Sunday@6:52 PM.

Year 2012

How seriously shoul you take the
talk that 2012 is the END of evrything?

To be more precise 12`12`12 has been
suggested as the end of the world. According to
the Mayan calendar the year 2012 is the breaking
point of the time in this world. The Mayan clock
was built as precise as it gets that it can even detect
solar/lunar eclipse on the upcoming years.Many believe
that this very date must be prepared because of the
similarities of premonitions of some wisemen.

I saw the whole episode of the show called
"end of the world 2012" which is featured in
History channel. I was not stumble by this
episodes at first just because its not the first
time that people are tending to tell and predict
the end of the world.But based on the show they
gather all the possible people who have different
premonitions but was all similar on the date
2012 as the end of the world.

Is the news alarming? well for me,
its not the best thing to predict on our future
because i know that God has the plans on his
mighty hands. We should not be frighten but
the main point is that we need to treasure and
enrich more our capabilities in this world.

What is the most fearful than 2012 as doomsday?
answer: `Standing before God, without your

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