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.Monday@8:17 PM.

Taylor VS West
MTV music awards

The MTV Video Music Awards always
have a few memorable moments,
and during Sunday’s presentation,
it didn’t take long for another celebrity feud to erupt.

Kanye West, who has notably freaked out after
losing past
VMAs, Grammys, and American Music Awards,
jumped on stage after Beyoncé lost
the Best Female
Video award
to young country singer Taylor Swift.

Kanye:"Taylor, I'm really happy for you,
and I'm gonna let you finish,
but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.

After West unexpected
statement.. Taylor swift didnt
even finish her speech due to the unmannerly
characteristic showed by the popular
and artist as well..

Does Kanye West has a problem?
or he just wanna point forward somethin :D
still.. its a fact that he disrespect the new born artist
which infact gave her life on the music industry,
yeah.. beyonce still had good and high quality
videos??!! but boy.. ar you F***in US??
fofofo :(


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