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How to have a Girlfriend
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Tired of walking alone the road?
Read this blog post, and hope you will
learn some instances:

Get Out –
Let us face it, you are not going to meet anyone
by staying home every Friday and Saturday night.
You have to get out of the house and go to places
where single women hang out. Keep in mind that in
addition to bars and nightclubs, you can meet
single women in a number of other places.

Approachability –
Once you get out of the house, you have to
make sure you are approachable. If you sit at a table,
hoping some beautiful woman will approach you but you
are frowning, it will never happen. Instead, you need
to uncross your arms to get out of the protective
mode, smile, and have fun.

Be Yourself –
Most importantly, be true to you. The key here is
not to change the person you are but to show off your best
qualities. If you are a mean sense of humor, use it.
If you are great at giving out genuine compliments, then do.
Be yourself while honing some of your lesser skills or qualities.

Balance Body Language –
Body language consists of 75% nonverbal and 25%
verbal. If your body language is anything other than this,
you need to balance it out.

Understand Body Language –
After balancing your body language, you need to understand signals
sent to you by women. Unfortunately, this is challenging in that
not all women use the same body language and often, it can
be misunderstood.

Communication –
Unless you approach women, you will never know the truth
of attraction. You need to make an effort to talk to different women.
Sure, you make get shot down but what if you do not.
Take note of what she is doing to see if there are any
connections. If not, simply walk up and introduce yourself.

How to get your Ex back
Under the rights of the blog owner

Analyze the situation
First, you will need to ensure that there is no valid reason why your e
x girlfriend will not take you back. If you have physically abused
her, or cheated on her, then your situation is slightly different.
Evaluate what went wrong in the relationship which led to the breakdown.

Make the change
After evaluating what you did wrong, make a change.
Change yourself and make sure she knows that the
part she didn't like has changed.

Don't go on the rebound!
A lot of people seem to think the hard to get approach works,
personally I don't. Dating other women and going on the
rebound is only likely to create more tension between you and her.

Be good friends
Entering a relationship means that you love that person
and actually like them more than your friends.
So why shouldn't she be your friend?
It is awkward at first but it will become a lot easier

As you are now friends, go out for a meal, go to the cinema or go for
a quick drink. Talk about the situation and have a laugh about
the good times you had. When she gets home
you can be assured she'll be thinking about you!

lesson learned: to much love is a
mistake at the end :(

love bug productions.


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