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.Wednesday@9:57 PM.

Edward+Bella+ Jacob

twilight saga,
was quite fantastic
because of its epically vampire
human love story..
JUST loving bella doing
all that she can do just to live
with Edward in eternity :]

better watch out.
`coz it can be better
you watch on tv.

ninx C:

.@9:47 PM.

get ready.lets do this!

`for TWO months
i think.. UPDATE MY BLOG
i can't help to escape
this crazy escapade on this
boring life i have right now.

BY the way,
new things to tackle
and i have lots of things
to tell :]

.Sunday@6:52 PM.

Year 2012

How seriously shoul you take the
talk that 2012 is the END of evrything?

To be more precise 12`12`12 has been
suggested as the end of the world. According to
the Mayan calendar the year 2012 is the breaking
point of the time in this world. The Mayan clock
was built as precise as it gets that it can even detect
solar/lunar eclipse on the upcoming years.Many believe
that this very date must be prepared because of the
similarities of premonitions of some wisemen.

I saw the whole episode of the show called
"end of the world 2012" which is featured in
History channel. I was not stumble by this
episodes at first just because its not the first
time that people are tending to tell and predict
the end of the world.But based on the show they
gather all the possible people who have different
premonitions but was all similar on the date
2012 as the end of the world.

Is the news alarming? well for me,
its not the best thing to predict on our future
because i know that God has the plans on his
mighty hands. We should not be frighten but
the main point is that we need to treasure and
enrich more our capabilities in this world.

What is the most fearful than 2012 as doomsday?
answer: `Standing before God, without your

under the rights of the blogger

.Friday@9:59 PM.


Did you hear about
that new emo pizza?
It cuts itself!

ohhh. im not EMO but let me
tell you that my Situation this
week was really crucial. I dont
know whats the point of choosing
the Right motives and decisions.

Am I too lame to be a nobody
that can make others tell that im
a ghetto and UNFAIR? dramatic
enough for someone..but I know
that I need help on my love affairs.

Well. they said that "a fighter is a
fighter" which i dont get the point
ahahahah.lOl :]

till here.
i wanna love you
deeply but it cannot be

drama talaga
paxenxa na

.@9:32 PM.

Soaring blue fights the raging warriors

The Ateneo DE Manila University
Basketball team shows dominance on the
best of three match between the red University
of the East warriors. It was a thriller match no three
between the two fair determined teams to aim for
the trophy and honor with their excellency.

Odds are in favor the Eagles in this series.
Yet the Warriors don’t want it any other way.
History has been cruel to heavily-favored UE teams in the past.
The 2009 UAAP Finals is undoubtedly UE’s best opportunity
to avenge those setbacks. If the Warriors can’t win a
championship as favorites, maybe they can finally win their first title
since 1985 as raging underdogs.

But as what COach Norman Black said later
on `experience is the best teacher' . It was obvious that
the Ateneo players was putting great pressure on the warriors.
With the help of Salamat, Baclao, and Huseini they win the last
game of the seoson which made their coach overwhelm and happy.

`UAAP 2009 based BLOGpost'
congratulation :]

.Thursday@5:37 PM.

.abuse by words.

Interracial Racing is not
new on us whether in television
or on the news we are brutally
pointed out together with negative
insights.HELL NO! what do they think
of us? `blaaah..it feels normal but for
me its a big case because we are on
this insights that can might affect our lives.

the Korean Friend
`I should say?

This shock the filipino and
either the korean people because
who the hell is she talking about us
and have the rights to utter the words
she post in her account?

Koreans are cool..but you are not!

Jacki the Dubai Lover

This is the latest news in
the internet SHe,yes! She is the
hottest topic on the net.Just look ate
her post and booH your day is gonna
be a GOOD GOOD day..ahhaa :]

Just click the title for
the pictures of this ladies.

.@5:33 PM.

ONDOY tragedy
Are the sign continually emerging?

A continous prayers mga kapatid
yan lang naman ang ating dapat gawin
wag tayong mawalan ng pag asa dahil
alam ko, na ang Pilipino ay di susuko
anumang dagok and ibinigay sa kanila.

Typhoon Ondoy dominates and
shock the Filipino. After that horrible disaster
problem rises..no food,water, and lack of evacuation
center. Are we just going to watch the television?
let us help by donatiing or just pray for the better
of our countrymen.

wag tayong mawalan ng pagasa.mag tulungan :[




you can help throug donating goods
ready to eat can goods,water clothes and other
thing that are kind given by you.
let us help.

.Saturday@3:57 PM.

happiness Isn't limited
under the hobbies of the blog owner

frankly, I love dancing even
the bet don't love me (duuh?).
Dancing is a special motion that will
enhance your total expression and also
as a symbol of a hobby *slash* enjoyable hobby.

IF you wanna say nega comment about this?
ooh.. i don't care..as long I have something that
i would love for the rest of my life :]

Personal tips in Dancing:

1.Move with the music
2.Snap your fingers or
3.clap your hands.
4.Go out and jive your feet.
5.Sing along.
6.Do less than more

I really love right round-florida
and also somebody call911-sean kingston.
When it is going out the speakers i just cant pull myself
to dance and sing'ahaha..baliw ako.joke?! weee.
i really like dance songs its the best genre ever.

.hobby to be watch for.

.@3:30 PM.

the movie to watch
under the interest of the blog owner

We embraces and adjust their hilarious
and pinoy-style jokes that make everyone of
us wants for more.Every Friday we watch them
in bubble gang and in the weekends in the super
game show called whole in the wall. Now, they are
making a new project that will make everyone head bang.

For sure! it's gonna be a hit just because they
trademark the word "your such a loser, I'm the winner
yaya" in the script where Michael V. as the dull yaya of
Ogie Alcasid which is the spoiled brat of the show.

.Trailer of the movie.

.Tuesday@9:08 PM.

FEU Pep Squad
2009 UAAP cheerdance

The Far Eastern University (FEU) Pep Squad
bagged the 2009 UAAP Samsung Ch
eerdance Competition
on Sunday at the Aranet
a Coliseum.

Using earth music and this season’s UAAP theme logo
Sarimanok, the FEU Pep Squad gave the 20,000
crowd a clean and powerful performance.

Ateneo de Manila University’s Blue Babble
Battalion came in second while defending back-to-back

champion the University of the Philippines (UP) Pep Squad
settled for third. The scores of the squads were

86.1%, 83.4%, and 83.1%, respectively.
Meanwhile, the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe, who has
eight championships ended up outside the top three.

for me, the results was shocking
still, UP is my favorite (bleeh) no one could beat them
unique.choreo.and head turners dancers

hobbies n wtf?

.@8:40 PM.

How to have a Girlfriend
under the rights of the blog owner

Tired of walking alone the road?
Read this blog post, and hope you will
learn some instances:

Get Out –
Let us face it, you are not going to meet anyone
by staying home every Friday and Saturday night.
You have to get out of the house and go to places
where single women hang out. Keep in mind that in
addition to bars and nightclubs, you can meet
single women in a number of other places.

Approachability –
Once you get out of the house, you have to
make sure you are approachable. If you sit at a table,
hoping some beautiful woman will approach you but you
are frowning, it will never happen. Instead, you need
to uncross your arms to get out of the protective
mode, smile, and have fun.

Be Yourself –
Most importantly, be true to you. The key here is
not to change the person you are but to show off your best
qualities. If you are a mean sense of humor, use it.
If you are great at giving out genuine compliments, then do.
Be yourself while honing some of your lesser skills or qualities.

Balance Body Language –
Body language consists of 75% nonverbal and 25%
verbal. If your body language is anything other than this,
you need to balance it out.

Understand Body Language –
After balancing your body language, you need to understand signals
sent to you by women. Unfortunately, this is challenging in that
not all women use the same body language and often, it can
be misunderstood.

Communication –
Unless you approach women, you will never know the truth
of attraction. You need to make an effort to talk to different women.
Sure, you make get shot down but what if you do not.
Take note of what she is doing to see if there are any
connections. If not, simply walk up and introduce yourself.

How to get your Ex back
Under the rights of the blog owner

Analyze the situation
First, you will need to ensure that there is no valid reason why your e
x girlfriend will not take you back. If you have physically abused
her, or cheated on her, then your situation is slightly different.
Evaluate what went wrong in the relationship which led to the breakdown.

Make the change
After evaluating what you did wrong, make a change.
Change yourself and make sure she knows that the
part she didn't like has changed.

Don't go on the rebound!
A lot of people seem to think the hard to get approach works,
personally I don't. Dating other women and going on the
rebound is only likely to create more tension between you and her.

Be good friends
Entering a relationship means that you love that person
and actually like them more than your friends.
So why shouldn't she be your friend?
It is awkward at first but it will become a lot easier

As you are now friends, go out for a meal, go to the cinema or go for
a quick drink. Talk about the situation and have a laugh about
the good times you had. When she gets home
you can be assured she'll be thinking about you!

lesson learned: to much love is a
mistake at the end :(

love bug productions.

.Monday@5:43 PM.

Fiesta Greetings
Danao city
gun city capital of
the Philip

jive the beat of karansa
weeew..it's a late post
but who cares???
yesterday was a total ride
of happiness filled with kilometer
walks just to jive the beat of the fiesta.
till here.. again happy fiesta Danao.


.@4:45 PM.

this pictures is uploaded and rated PG

ang astig ni lola.!?

weee.. its raining :D

haha..see that!?


di na mareach si LOLA!? wii...

grabeh. si Belo mawawalan
tlga ng trabaho. :D

what the heck!?

oiee.. ang cheesy.

all randomness.
more photos to come.wait

.@1:32 PM.

by dagtang lason

a little glimpse:

mga istamby lng kami
sawa sa babae..
mga babaeng manloloko
pineperahan lang kami

kaya ngayon
bakla nalang ang amin
masarap magmahal ang bakla..
oo kay sarap..

- haha'' this is a pure hit
on teens..especially
on straightening someone

*pineperahan lang kami*
. :D

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.Friday@8:31 PM.


truman and regh
aren't they cute?
well.. i just met them
in plurk. so much to xpect
in that little site..

They are both from Baguio..
wahaha..layo diba?
still I enjoy their hilarious
jokes and kakulitan..
wahaha.. so much for that.
but It was my pleasure to met
be able to grab an
to be their Friend.




15 years old dis year, studying at SOmwhOre.
food.Love.anythin will do.
just read my post and you'll know why XD.
CHOiiKUlet pa rin*WTF?*
i THINK..uhmm..Im a cyberaddict just because its lika a self esteem for all of us..self expression to know more about others XD says: *searchin Someone dont need effort..it will eventually goes on you..ether way it will show and love you* <3




web counter html code
myspace web counter
.viewing is like admiring.


ahhm..first of all thank you for viewing my page.
hope you like it and most especially
Feel free to explore my story. :]

ahaha.. -JOllan